which commander decks are worth the money

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Commander Legends coming later this Fall promises more of the same while also providing new tools for our arsenals that don't come from pre-constructed decks …【Get Price】

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Most Upgradable. C20—Most Upgradable. Deck #5 Sultai Mutate #4 Jeskai Cycling #3 Abzan …【Get Price】

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Value-wise Commander 2018 is somewhat lacking. Especially for full price. Right now on TCGplayer.com you can order the full set of 4 decks for $130 which is totally …【Get Price】

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The Commander Pre-constructed Decks are financially worth the money spent on them but that money might be more appropriately spent buying singles to construct a deck …【Get Price】

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If you're just starting out in commander a pre-construction is the way to go. The MSRP is $30 for all of the 2013 decks and the cumulative value of the cards in each …Top responsesI modified the Oloro one to be a fun artifact deck using Sydri and I've modified the Prossh one to be an insane token making deck. They're my favorite EDH …read more4 votesThey have good value for $30 but I would suggest looking into one of the legends that the precons come with and then buy some extra singles to help focus …read more3 votesI will say absolutely. If you're just starting out in commander a pre-construction is the way to go. The MSRP is $30 for all of the 2013 decks and the cumulative …read more2 votesMost have a couple of themes so in time with a few more cards can be split into two more focused decks. i.e. Derevi could be split into a tap/untap deck and and …read more1 voteLast year's were all playable out of the box. Not the most tuned/powerful/etc. decks out there but a lot of fun. Some are better than others if you're just …read more1 voteIf you don't already have a lot of the cheap commons and uncommons in the decklist then it's worth it in pure monetary value. A lot of people will have these …read more1 vote查看全部【Get Price】

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Most Upgradable. C19—Most Upgradable. Deck #4 Rakdos Madness #3 Jeskai Flashback #2 …【Get Price】

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Sep 14 2011 quite simply i do not have the time money and such to buy 100 singles and make a reasonable edh deck. What i CAN do is buy one of the preconstructed commander …【Get Price】

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A lot of Commander decks are built around X spells Hydras or both. Neverwinter Hydra slots right in especially since it has both trample and a powerful protection …【Get Price】

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May 25 2011 My Wort the Raidmother deck is worth ~$177 My Rasputin Dreamweaver deck is worth ~$245 My Eight-and-a-Half-Tails deck is worth ~$137 I cant really price my karador …Is it worth investing in a sliver commander EDH deck?Jan 25 2015Most expensive EDH deckAug 27 2013The Ultimate EDH control deck?Oct 16 2012What's the most powerful EDH deck you've ever seen?Mar 08 2012 【Get Price】

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11 Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume; 1 ***Custom Commander Deck*** The Scarab God - Zombies - EDH MTG Magic CardsPLACEPRODUCT INFORMATIONSCOSevenTrustS1***Custom Commander Deck*** The Scarab ...9.8View Product 9.82***Custom Commander Deck*** Yarok the ...9.4View Product 9.43***Custom Commander Deck*** Morophon - ...9.3View Product 9.34***Custom Commander Deck*** Rin and Seri ...8.9View Product 8.9 11 【Get Price】