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How (and Why) to Insulate a Concrete Floor ...

Dec 29 2019 Insulating the basement floor starts with laying a vapor barrier which is a sheet of 6-millimeter polyethylene designed to keep moisture at bay. Some concrete insulation panels are made with a vapor barrier already attached which makes a DIY job easier. 【Get Price】

ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking | Basement Subfloor System

This subfloor system includes a layer of rigid foam insulation to keep the finished floor surface just as comfortable as any upstairs floor. Best in the basement. ThermalDry Floor Decking provides a permanent subfloor that’s insulated and immune to mold and moisture damage.【Get Price】

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Subfloor Insulation. Keep your basement dry and warm. Adding a subfloor to your basement is an easy and effective way to keep it dry and warm all year round. Subfloor insulation adds an extra layer between your flooring and the concrete — which can help reduce heating bills. It will also protect your flooring like laminate or carpet from moisture damage and add a layer of cushioning using air gap …【Get Price】

Basement Floor Insulation | 2021 Ask the Home Flooring Pros

Polystyrene 1” foam boards offer an R-4 to R-5 insulation value about the minimum you’d like to have to make a basement floor warm. Choose 2” boards for improved insulation. Alternative to Option #1: Choose a rigid board insulation that is strong enough to use directly under your flooring without OSB or plywood.【Get Price】


Dec 27 2020 Best practice for interior basement insulation in New England is foam insulation placed directly against the basement wall. The panels are help in place by adhesive or mechanical fasteners such as plastic masonry anchors or Tapcons (for thicker panels). 【Get Price】

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Basement Floor Insulation. ThermalDry floor tiles provide a thermal break between the slab and the floor making it more comfortable – especially for kids! Because heat rises in a home only about 1% of a home's energy is lost through the basement floor.【Get Price】

Basement Flooring - How To Insulate A Concrete Floor

Dec 24 2009 “Basement floor slabs are best insulated underneath with rigid insulation: both extruded or expanded polystyrene have been widely used with success. Although the energy savings of sub-slab insulation are not as significant as basement wall insulation such insulations do offer a significant improvement in comfort and moisture damage resistance (including against summertime condensation).【Get Price】

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Dec 07 2015 If the concrete floor is dry and reasonably level insulate directly on top with a rigid foam insulation that is impervious to moisture air leakage and radon gas. If the basement floor is wet hire a professional find the source of the problem and fix it before doing anything. 【Get Price】