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Mar 16 2019 Step 3: Place Wood on Plastic Place wood on plastic Press firmly into place Repeat steps with additional pieces of wood Give the silicone caulk about 24 … 【Get Price】

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MethodTipsWarnings Buy a tube of high-strength super glue. Super glue typically comes in small tubes so it will work best for small projects and repairs. For a hold that will last invest in a heavy-duty adhesive like Loctite or Gorilla Glue rather than a bargain glue. One of these products will give you more lasting results than ordinary types of glue.[1] X Trustworthy Source Consumer Reports Nonprofit ... Sand the plastic surface lightly. Go over the broadest area of the plastic piece with a square of high …在www.wikihow.com上查看所有 6 个步骤88%(85)【Get Price】

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Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue GelThis glue has been reinforced with special materials to make it extra tough in terms of both weight bearing…HG Power GlueIf you're looking for super glue that has absolutely insane strength weight bearing capabilities and the ability to…Hot Glue Gun with Glue SticksWhat you get here is a very high quality glue gun combined with 20 hot glue sticks. In fact you get a whole little hot… 【Get Price】

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Nov 25 2018 Glue sticks that work in conjunction with a hot glue gun work relatively well for bonding these two materials together and most types of glues will work to create a bond …【Get Price】

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May 31 2020 The best glue to attach plastic to wood is epoxy. Epoxy will stick to almost every type of plastic and it adheres very well to every type of wood. It will create a … 【Get Price】

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May 13 2016 How can I glue wood to plastic ? 8 answers. William on May 13 2016. Any type of exterior waterproof construction adhesive would work. Come in caulking tubes.【Get Price】