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07.03.2018 Small doesn't have to mean dull. A 12x12 deck is the perfect starter size offering plenty of room for an outdoor furniture set. Enjoy an intimate evening with a friend or a solo night catching up with your favorite author's latest. germany germany【Get Price】


Decking Stress Grade Thickness (mm) Maximum joist spacing (mm) Hardwood Standard Grade (AS 2796.1) 19 500 Cypress Grade 1 (AS 1810) 19 400 21 450 Treated Soft wood Standard grade (AS 4785.1) 19 400 22 450 Source: AS1684 Decking boards must be supported over at least three joists and butt joints in boards should be staggered. Refer to Figure 4. germany germany【Get Price】

Deck Board Dimensions: How to Choose the Right Size

A 5/4”x6” deck board is rated for 12” OC and 16” OC and a 2”x6” plank can span that plus 24” OC. A 2”x6” plank will flex more when supported at 24” OC than the other two distances and a 5/”x6” will flex more at 16” OC than at 12” OC. The two most common deck board thicknesses are 5/4” and 2”. 【Get Price】

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21.05.2020 For most builds decks are wider than they are deep with the longer portion of the deck running alongside the house. According to landscapingnetwork.com the average size is between 300 and 400 square feet. Decks can also be multi-level adding more space and dimension to your home. 【Get Price】


than 40’. Standard deck width varies with the product used but full sheets are usually 12” 18” 24” 30” or 36”. Deck is typically furnished in a standard width with the ends square cut. Any cutting for width such as at openings or for angular fit is done at the job site. Deck is typically … germany germany【Get Price】