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Many homeowners spend considerable time and effort in sprucing up their decks choosing between various materials styles and designs. Aluminum decking is a favorite choice among homeowners for its ease of maintenance strength and attractiveness. An aluminum deck is formed when interlocking planks of aluminum are fitted over a surface.【Get Price】

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There are many reasons why aluminum is the perfect decking material: lightweight easy to install simple interlocking installation strength and impermeable to insect influxes. Alumnimum does not crack rot or require continued maintenance like real wood. Save. 【Get Price】

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We've gathered our favorite ideas for Interlocking Aluminum Explore our list of popular images of Interlocking Aluminum Photos Collection with high resolution ... Interlocking Metal Aluminum Mosaic Tile Jafd1 Home Decor Az. ... 6063 T5 Extrusion Waterproof Aluminum Decking Flat Board With Interlocking. Interlocking Aluminium Brushed Steel ...【Get Price】

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23/05/2019 Whenever you see aluminum decking labeled as “waterproof” it means the company has designed the product to keep things dry beneath your deck. These boards usually have an interlocking system which provides you with a uniform look and no gaps.How much does aluminum decking weigh?That depends on the size of your deck and brand of boards used but you can expect an aluminum plank to be around half the weight of a wooden or co...If I become tired of the same color can I paint aluminum decking?Typically that’s not an option as aluminum decks are powder-coated and paint isn’t necessary. There are some marine-based materials that work wel...Is it acceptable to use rock salt or ice melt products on aluminum decks to clear snow or ice?Rock salt and other chemicals could potentially cause pitting in aluminum over time so it’s best to refer to the product manual for the recommende...Does aluminum decking scratch easily?Powder-coated aluminum decking is highly resistant to scratches although you won’t want to stomp around in cleats. The part of your deck that tend...Will adding an aluminum deck increase the value of my home?Decks have a great ROI which can come in at anywhere between 60 to 80%. Aluminum can be tricky however as it’s expensive but not necessarily so...【Get Price】

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Search for: interlocking aluminum decks for homes. Aluminum Decking - Nexan Building Products Inc. Expanding a home’s outdoor living space is a big trend and so many newer homes have second or third level decks with space underneath that is basically lost.【Get Price】

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Get out and. enjoy it on every level with GutterDeck. interlocking aluminum decking system. Utilizing a watertight tongue-and-groove design. that combines an invisible gutter system beneath a. seamless aluminum surface GutterDeck creates an. attractive maintenance-free living space above. and below the deck surface. Use GutterDeck for.【Get Price】

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AlumiLAST® Decking Enjoy the benefits of AlumiLAST® decking—a durable lightweight watertight interlocking decking system. It's stronger than wood more rigid than composites and its unique interlocking system keeps water running off not through your deck.【Get Price】