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Jun 07 2017 Solid hardwood flooring can only be installed at or above grade while engineered hardwood can be installed below grade in basements. Laminate flooring is almost always installed in a floating application with the planks fitting together in a tongue and groove style which makes a faster easier installation than hardwood. This installation process is simple and can be installed … 【Get Price】

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Feb 19 2016 Unlike laminate hardwood reacts to intense sunlight and is sensitive to high-heeled shoes pets kids and furniture all of which can dent and scrape the wood. Over time this translates into a... 【Get Price】

Laminate Vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

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Laminate vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring: Which Is Better?

Solid hardwood flooring as the name suggests is comprised of flooring boards that are solid hardwood material through-and-through. The boards usually 3/4-inch thick are generally milled with a smooth top surface and tongue-and-groove edges that interlock to hold the boards together. They are usually installed by blind-nailing the boards to the su…AppearanceWater and Heat ResistanceCare and CleaningDurability and MaintenanceInstallationCostLifespanSizesResale ValueSolid HardwoodSolid hardwood flooring is typically sold in 1 1/2-inch or 2 1/4-inch-wide boards that are 48 inches long though wide-plank forms up to 6 inches wide or more are also available. The boards are almost always 3/4 inch thick. 【Get Price】

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May 25 2021 Laminate flooring differs from hardwood in both construction and appearance. Laminate is predominantly human-made while hardwood floors are made of actual wood. Laminate has a wider selection of finishes mimicking natural floors such as hardwood or …【Get Price】

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Apr 30 2011 Hardwood and laminate flooring can both have scratches on their surface. Hardwood flooring however easily gets scratches as compared to laminate floor. Laminate flooring not being made of wood provides a smooth feeling. Contrary to it the hardwood floor provides a better and much natural feeling with a firm grip on the floor. 【Get Price】

Engineered Hardwood vs. Laminate: Side-by-Side Comparison

Mar 10 2021 The best engineered hardwood flooring can range all the way up to $13/sq. ft. or more. Laminate on the other hand averages around $5/sq. ft. So: if you’re debating between carpet or hardwood in the bedroom but turned off by the pricing laminate may be …【Get Price】

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Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring. Hardwood flooring is made from natural durable woods such as oak maple or hickory that can last a long time when maintained properly. Laminate flooring which is made of a synthetic fiberboard material and has a laminate finish …【Get Price】